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Owner Surrender Policy - 

   We realize how difficult it may have been for you to come to us to surrender your horse or other animal. Because of the significance of your decision, we want to ensure that you thoroughly understand our policies on surrendered animals.

   It's important to know that Horse Plus Humane Society is an "open door" animal shelter. This means that we promise to accept into our care any animal who comes to us. Because of this, we receive over 400 domestic animals yearly. There are not enough homes for all of these animals. The state of California and our country as a whole is suffering a tragic pet overpopulation epidemic, with 10 million animals being euthanized annually, nationwide, because new homes aren't available. At Horse Plus Humane Society our goal is to find a loving family for every animal...but unfortunately there are simply more animals than there are people who want to adopt them.

   It is essential that you understand all of this, and that you understand that you are relinquishing ownership of this animal when you surrender him/her to Horse Plus Humane Society. After you surrender your animal, our staff will examine and evaluate him/her to determine whether he/she can be placed into our adoption program. At the time you surrender your animal, we cannot guarantee that we will make him/her available for adoption. Much will depend on his/her general condition and the availability of space in our
shelter. Even if he/she is made available for adoption, we cannot guarantee someone will choose to adopt him/her.

Animals Who Are Not Placed Into Our Adoption Program:

The following is a partial list of conditions under which an animal may not be placed for adoption:

  1. If they have or have shown signs of aggressive or dangerous behavior to
    other animals or humans.
  2. If their advanced age is causing medical or physical problems.
  3. If they are in poor general health or physical condition
  4. If their temperament or behavior is such that they would not adapt well to a new home.
  5. If they are showing signs of stress due to being placed in a shelter environment.
  6. If they show signs of a communicable disease that could affect other animals
  7. If there is no space available in the shelter.
  8. If they are under 8 weeks of age.

   Depending on the specifics of the animal's condition and availability of space, some animals with these conditions may be held for treatment, observation or until they are old enough to be made available for adoption.

Animals Who Are Placed Into Our Adoption Program:

   At Horse Plus Humane Society every effort is made to find loving homes for animals in our adoption program. Once an animal is placed into our adoption program, there is no set holding period. Animals may remain for a day, a week, a month or longer. They may also be euthanized if our shelter becomes overcrowded and we need to make room for incoming animals. Any animal who must be euthanized (humanely put to death) will be administered a painless injection of sodium pentobarbital.

If you wish to inquire about this animal, you may do so by contacting us. Please save your contract to assist us in providing you with information, as we will only give out the animal's confidential information to the owner who surrendered him/her.


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